Stowing away on a freight train

I never actually realised I was as brave as Indiana Jones but what I have achieved shows that I am well on the way.  Yesterday morning I was stood staring at the wrong platform when a freight train began to rumble through, probably at about 20mph.  I stood for a few moments analysing the gaps between containers and how they were joined together.  Then, just a moments hesitation and I was running, I was sprinting, right alongside the train.  My fellow future passengers of the 0808 to Stourbridge Junction just stared as I picked up pace struggling to keep my rucksack from falling off.  The train was going faster than me but as a gap in the containers appeared next to me that was easily big enough for me to land on…I jumped!

I jarred my hip as I first made impact and my shoulder and the back of my head were thrust into the front of the container.  The right knee of my jeans was ripped and the skin was badly grazed.  But I was on!  I had actually jumped onto a moving freight train.  As the freezing air whizzed past me and we picked up speed out of the station I was thrilled.  Not only had I jumped onto a moving train but the world was opening out in front of me.  I had got off of the long conveyor belt.  I wondered where it would lead me – London?  The Channel?  Brussels?  Paris?

After 45 minutes stuck at Dorridge station I thought about the ‘conveyor belt’ I had escaped from.  It wasn’t a monotonous conveyor belt at all – it was life!  And a fulfilling, exciting and purposeful life too.  I jumped off the freight train, ran down the track and waited for the 0932 to get to the YMCA and make use of myself.  The greener grass is not as green as it seems.

This morning my return was well worth while, my breakfast time involved an intellectual discussion with Anya about how the people who wrote the Bible knew it was from God!


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