Have you ever got the blame for something you haven’t done?  Sometimes as a leader you have to stand up and take the flack for something that wasn’t actually your fault but you have to take responsibility for.  Sometimes you get blamed despite adamantly protesting your innocence.

When I get labelled as the guilty party even when I know I am innocent I find it very difficult.  I even become indignant.  Why should I take the blame!?  I’m embarrassed, frustrated, angry but I can’t do anything about it I just have to take it.  Occasionally it gets too much for me and I feel like exploding.

I was singing a song at a conference today about Jesus.  It said, “He carried the cross for our shame.”  Jesus was innocent yet he took responsibility for all the things that we should have been blamed for.  I pictured him there staggering under the weight of the cross through the narrow crowded streets of Jerusalem.  He must have been spat at, abused, mocked…totally shamed.  Yet he was innocent.  He was innocent!  Compare that to me boiling away inside because of one thing I have been blamed with.  Just one thing.  Jesus took everything.

I just have to worship him.  He is so deserving and so worthy and I will look for him in every part of life and follow what I find.


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