Minutes to Midnight: Part 2 – Given Up


“Another day’s been laid to waste, I’m my own worst enemy, I’ve given up, looking for help somehow somewhere, and no one cares, put me out of my misery”

This is a selection of cheerful lines from Track 2 on Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight.  I was feeling down this morning walking to work and the sentiments of the song echoed strongly with me.  I was feeling down because I knew I could be doing better if I tried but couldn’t be bothered to, I was have a pity party, and I didn’t feel like getting out of it.

Then, right in the middle of the pain in the song, the word “Godddddddddddd!” is screamed followed by “Put me out of my misery!”

The great and encouraging thing, is that God is ready to put us out of our misery any second we want.  Not in some form of morbid suicidal relief but through a powerful soul searching love that reaches out and removes all the pain.  If we can just see God for who he is, and see ourselves for who we really are then everything falls into perspective and we find ourselves at peace.  The problem is we are so caught up and obsessed with ourselves that in spite of our wounds we can’t be bothered to look up and really deal with ourselves.  God isn’t going to force himself on us but if we can learn to let him in then he can go about soothing our hurts.

Click below to watch the video – the performance leaves me speachless (P.S. turn up the volume!)

Minutes to Midnight: Part 1 – Shadow of the Day Post


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