Broken People

We are all broken people.

Some are more broken than others.  Some can go about and pretend they are not broken but in the secret times they really have to show to themselves that they are broken and this makes them feel very lonely.  Some people even pretend to themselves that they are not broken.

Some people show other people that they are broken.  Sometimes this is by accident but they just can’t help it.  Like one girl today at work she just cried and cried and cried for an hour in the corridor because she was broken.  It was good that some people tried to fix her.  But they were broken too and fixing her must have put a strain on the broken bits in them.  I hope they don’t get more broken and have to show themselves that how much the broken bits hurt when they’re on their own tonight.

There is one person who is not broken.  And He can fix us when we are broken and it hurts Him but it doesn’t break him.  It is confusing that even after He helps is we’re still a bit broken but I know one day He will collect all of us broken people and fix us properly so that we will never break again.  That is as long as we don’t pretend we’re not broken and that we don’t need Him to fix us.


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