Glorious Villa should lead England

I always used to think that national teams were way better than club sides but in reality the best club sides in the world are probably better than the best national teams.  For example – Manchester United versus Brazil would surely end in a comfortable win for United as they have a great combination of world class players who work superbly together as a team.

These days the big four Premier League sides don’t have a huge amount of England players.  Aston Villa had more players in Spain than the big four put together!  Here is my cunning plan to secure world domination for the Engish national team:

Simply play Emile Heskey, Gabi Agbonlahor, James Milner and Ashley Young upfront and on the wings and then have Gareth Barry slot in behind them.  You really can’t say better than that!  Can you!?  Ha ha I’m a genius, who needs to pay Fabio Capello all that money!  And why not bung Curtis Davies and Luke Young in defence while we’re at it.  And just for fun, here’s the top of the Premier League table again:

  1. Manchester United    56pts
  2. Liverpool   54pts
  3. Aston Villa   51pts
  4. Chelsea   49pts
  5. Arsenal   44pts
  6. Everton   40pts

5 thoughts on “Glorious Villa should lead England

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  2. no fun for me, wot with being a gooner an’ all!
    villa are doing well, martin o’neil is great… can they sustain it? if they weren’t threatening arsenal’s european place i’d be shrieking with pleasure for them too!
    i believe that any team in the top half of the premiership would easily win the world cup. premiership football is a higher standard by a good mile or two.
    a few years back, england did what you suggest in having adams, dixon, keown and winterburn as their back four. it made perfect sense.

  3. I really don’t know if we can sustain it. I know all games are big but our next two (Chelsea & CSKA) really will show what we are made of.

    Sorry about Arsenal. Back in the 90s I used to really like them (Seaman, Platt, Wright, Merson etc – plus the above mentioned) but they just don’t seem appealing now.

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