The Day my Nanna Died

The phone was ringing but I was kneeling by the bed.  I was not in prayer.  That was just the position I found myself in as my alarm had gone off five minutes previously when I knew I had to get out of bed somehow.  I stumbled into the other room and answered.  On the other end was my mum with the difficult news about her mother.  I was not expecting that.

Suddenly, all things change – my plan for the day has gone, I need to call work, arrange for Anya to be cared for, work out when the shopping will be done – it wasn’t until 15 hours later that I realised I didn’t have a Nanna anymore.

It is so true that difficult times bring people together.  By lunch many of us were together in Nanna’s old bungalow, still full of life.  It was a good time together.  Laughing about past memories, quoting Nanna and loving each other.  I think we were all in a daze, not really knowing what to do.  But that was ok.  I love my family very much, all of them, and I wish I knew all of them better.

Rada was my rock, always there, never pushy but always there, ready to make eye contact or more when I needed it.

That night many church friends were together having a great time at a gig I had organised, more or less.  We were back in time but I didn’t want to go.  It wasn’t that I felt too sad or anything, I just needed to be at home.  Nevertheless, I went to pick Anya up just as it was finishing.  What I received there was overwhelming – the hugs, the simple touches, the thoughtful words.

As I drove home I knew very much that I was a loved person.  But I also knew I didn’t have a Nanna anymore.


3 thoughts on “The Day my Nanna Died

  1. Nathan my little big nephew!
    Just want to hug you & tell you we’re all richer for having a close special family especially a lady like Nanna.
    One thing she & Grandpa taught us is to walk close to God & with each other.
    Love you sweetie xxxx
    Pippa x

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