Ban Israeli Sportsmen

You may have heard in the news that Israel’s tennis player, Andy Ram, has been granted a visa to play in Dubai just a week after his compatriot Shahar Peer was refused entry into the Emirates for a different tournament.

The Chief Exec from the ATP said, “No player who qualifies to play an ATP World Tour event should be denied their right to compete on the basis of ethnicity, nationality or religion.”  Well he has obviously forgotten about the ban on South Africa from international sport during the latter part of apartheid.

I really think reviving this tactic is a line the international community should go down.  Israel seems to value sport a lot, even managing to play in most European competitions because it’s too dangerous for them to compete against their Arab neighbours.  It would send a damning message if the world refused to play with them because of their racist and oppressive policies.

Sadly, it is unlikely anybody will enforce anything against Israel.  The ‘free’ world has been pussy footing it around this compulsive criminal of world politics since it came into existence in 1948.  The world stood by as Israel occupied the small amount of land that had been left to the Palestinian people in 1967 and has shown its constant lack of spine ever since as Israel consistently flounts international law as it attempts to wipe the Palestinian people from the land they have lived in for millenia.

This video shows protesters using a Barcelona v Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball match.  It might be tough on the players but they need to wake up and realise what an evil entity they represent and start lobbying their government.


2 thoughts on “Ban Israeli Sportsmen

  1. I like how you express yourself, and you arent afraid of anything. I hate racism. and I dont like to ban Israel, I hate what Israel’s government is doing in Palestine and I hate to see so many people die because of a nation’s prejudice, but a tennis player may not agree with his nation either! I mean is it going to change anything if we play a jew or if we ban him? won’t anger rise and aren’t we doing exactly what they are doing? I am a Persian Muslim and I see how Iranian sportsteam ban Israel when ever they have a match against them,( which usually happens in Olympic) but it makes me sad.. people clapping for them as if they have done a good deed! I just don’t get it. I long for peace.. Peace.. Peace..

  2. Hi, thanks for commenting. Yes it all has to be for peace definitely. You got me thinking, for me the Olympics is something special when all nations should forget differences and come together in unity. Should this extend to the rest of sport…? Probably. But I see sport provides such a great platform that can reach parts of society that other protests cannot….

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