The Wrong Justice

If you have read much of my blog you will know that one of my passions is the cause of the Palestinian people.  The more I find out about their plight the angrier I get.  Why?

I find it hard to suppress the desire within me to see justice.  When I see somebody cheating in sport I get angry.  When I see someone betraying their family I get angry.  When I see one nation oppressing another I get angry.  Why?

I believe that God put somewhere deep inside me, when he created me, a bit of himself that knows right from wrong.  I believe he also put a love for others inside me.  When you combine these two things you can get a great driving force for good.  However, I have lived in a world that distorts these motives and adds selfishness, frustration, unrighteous anger and a misinterpretation of justice.

I think justice is very much about reconciliation but the justice I often seek simply wants revenge for wrongs committed.  It is a justice focused on what is fair rather than what will produce the best outcome.  I think this often shows itself in some of my posts about Israel and Palestine.  Part of me simply wants to highlight the truth of the situation to those who don’t have the facts but my writing often becomes a bitter dead end for bad feeling.

If I really love the Palestinian people what I need to do is find productive ways that I can play a part, no matter how big or small, in the reconciliation of these people with the rest of the world.  Any ideas!?


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