One state? Two states? A just state please!

I know next to nothing about the best political way forward to finding peace and justice in Palestine and Israel.  But I have worked out there seem to be two options being discussed at the moment:

  • The ‘one-state’ solution – this is where there would be one country for Jews and Palestinians and everyone could live together with equal rights.
  • The ‘two-state’ solution – this is where Israel and Palestine would become two totally separate countries.

I am no expert but it does seem to me that both of these options are impossible dreams.  I cannot see Israel giving up its strangle hold on the Palestinian people.  I understand that in 2007 Israel agreed with the US to begin working towards a two-state solution but a couple of weeks ago the Israeli foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, declared the agreement had ‘no-validity’.   Obama has renewed Washington’s commitment to finding a two-state solution but I really don’t think this is the time for trusting political leaders with finding a way forward.

We need something supernatural to spring up from within the Israeli and Palestinian people to destroy segregation, walls, chasms and injustice.


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