Walkout at Iran leader’s speech

The reaction of the delegates in this clip makes me ashamed to be Western.

I have been dismayed that the UN anti-racism conference is getting such flack from Western diplomats.  Before Iranian leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, took to the stage today the conference had already been boycotted by the US, Israel, New Zeaand, Canda, Poland, Australia, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands because the conference had likened Zionism to racism.  And soon into the contoversial Middle East statesman’s speech the French delegate walked out to cheers from the pro-Israeli contingent in the audience because Ahmadinejad referred to the Israeli government as racist.

I struggle to understand how anybody could begin to argue against claims that both Zionism and the Israeli government are racist.  The ideal of Zionism and the state of Israel are attempting to wipe the Palestinian nation from the face of the earth.  You can’t get more racist than that.  And the attitude of the Western leaders makes me sick as it infers there is no hope of dialogue let alone peace.  Perhaps we need a big shift in the world order so that Western leaders have less power to spoil things for everybody else.


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