Don’t forget the Holocaust

The racism conference I wrote about a few days back has gone off the international radar.  I did read yesterday that they all agreed a statement, including the Iranian delegation, that ‘the Holocaust must not be forgetten.’

I was reading an article by A. John Bird, the founder of The Big Issue, who was asserting the same thing and he gave some really stimulating reasons why the Holocaust must not be forgotten.  He warned that the world is in a similar state to pre-War Germany – recession, economic disasters and a rise in racial tensions.  It was the combination of these circumstances that Hitler utilised to come to power, of which the Holocaust was a dire consequence.

To transfer a similar scenario to the contemporary situation would not be so far fetched.  In these tough times the right wing political parties are quick to lay much of the economic blame on immigration.  And what is really worrying is that racist parties then begin to pick up many more votes and now even seats.  It is plausible that a number of high profile  problems caused by immigrants just before an election could see the BNPs power sky rocket.  We mustn’t let the lessons from the Holocaust be forgetten, this is already a messed up world, it wouldn’t take much to send a nation over the edge…

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