Neighbours at 6.30am

When I woke at 6.30am this morning (it’s Saturday by the way!) the first thing I heard were voices outside our back bedroom window.  I couldn’t quite descibe the voices as loud but they were definitely not quiet.  No matter which window I looked out of I couldn’t work out where they were coming from.

I went out the front and on nextdoor’s drive there were a couple of knackered looking blokes smoking and drinking from cans  and in the middle of what was obviously an exceptionally important conversation.  “Morning,” I said in my best possible Sheffield accent*.  The two blokes, looking surprisingly nervous, turned round.

“Er, hi, did we keep you awake?  Sorry, we’ve got rid of the noisy ones, er, bit of a house warming you see.  Do you think it’s going on a bit late?  Or is it early now?”

“Early I think.  So you just moved in?  I’m Nathan”

“Er, John, nice to meet you.”

Now John looked pretty rat arsed to be honest and very worried when he saw me.  Aside from the fact he thought he’d kept me up all night, I think it was also one of those occasions when I forget I am 6’2″ and fairly broad.  I got told the other day I look imposing and on another occasion that I look like a thug.  I must admit I like the thought that I could be ‘imposing’.  Just think of all I could achieve in life.

But that is by the by.  It’s an interesting way to move into a new house and meet your new neighbours.  I suspect there may be one or two ‘interesting’ occurances with John in the months to come.  I hope we can get on well and learn something from each other.


*the more I have lived in Solihull the more neutralised my accent has become but when faced with strong accents of any kind (in this case thick Brummy) I default to my Sheffield tones, I think this is partly an acceptance thing but mainly because people with a posh accent don’t understand my Sheffield voice, and people with a thick accent don’t understand my more neutral pronunciations.


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