As I am not a phronemophobe* I have been thinking and discussing fear with friends recently.  What do you suffer from –  Arachnophobia?  Agoraphobia?  Claustrophobia? 

There are many things we can be wary of in today’s world, to the point of being controlled so that we do not reach our potential and often important relationships suffer.  There are two things that I have identified that can control me in a very bad way:

  1. Enissophobia – a fear of criticism – I often find myself living just to please other people and ensure they have a good opinion of me.
  2. Atychiphobia – a fear of failure – if I catch myself in a bad mood it is often because I have done something that has gone wrong or it seems circumstances are against me.

However, whatever it is in your life that controls you and stops you living freely, you can be liberated from.  How?  By the power of God.  Just ask for it and he will give you a spirit of power, of love, of self-discipline that will enable you to break free.  It is unlikely it will be some magical releasing, you will need to keep asking God to help you, but he will.  Everytime you feel the fear, the controlling nature creeping up on you just say to God,

“Lord, you have the ultimate power, please give me a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline so that I can be free.”

I think this is really important and can solve some serious issues and mindsets that cause big problems for people.

P.S.  If you do not agree with anything I say please, DO NOT comment on this blog, I fear I have developed severe allodoxaphobia**.

*Phronemophobia – fear of thinking   **Allodoxaphobia – fear of opinions


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