Murderer on Songs of Praise

Shock horror – a murderer has appeared on Songs of Praise!  How can this be? 

Let’s put this in perspective.  Songs of Praise is a Christian television program.  So they interviewed a very interesting man who had committed murder but then found faith in God and repented of all his wrong doings, turning his life around.  Why the uproar?  Why is this newspaper article so incredibly disgusted that this should be allowed to happen?

I will tell you why.

It is because the love of God is scandalous.  He loves us so much that, if we have faith in him and are repentent, he will forgive ANYTHING we do. That is great news for you and me.  EVERYTHING you have ever done can be forgiven.  You can be free from pain, guilt, shame, worthlessness…

It is also good news for those who have done things abominable in the eyes of others.  Those ‘sins’ that are unforgivable if you are the victim…

It is good news for the murderer, the drug dealer, the father who left his family, the drink driver, the rapist, the corrupt politician, the slanderous journalist, the evil dictator and even the most hated creature in today’s society – the paedophile.  God loves paedophiles.  What a scandal.

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