I love Eurovision because…

…Terry Wogan is not on it anymore

…you get to glimpse a tiny bit of cultures you wouldn’t normally be exposed to

…if you ever feel embarrassed ever you can just think about the cringe worthy script the presenters have to read out to an entire continent and realise your own embarrassment pales into insignificance

…Graham Norton is quite likably and innocently enthusiastic*

…we get to hear Balkan music on British television and it is gorgeous music

…it is just really nice to see a load of people having a really good fun time – it’s healthy to get my snobby little nose a little more horizontal and just smile with the people being daft and crazy and eccentric

…I am a statistic geek and you can’t get anymore statistics than that crammed into one night’s entertainment

…we’re all different and it’s good to remind us (especially in the UK) that different isn’t bad and diversity makes life a whole lot more interesting 😀


*Yes I know I wrote ‘Graham Norton’ and ‘innocent’ in the same sentence but I loved the way he was genuinely excited everytime we were given a few points and he’s soooo much less offensive than Terry.

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