Don’t settle for ‘them’ and ‘us’

So that fella Michael Martin has gone.  I suspect this whole hullabaloo will fade away.  Gordon Brown’s statements yesterday suggest that Westminster is totally rid of selfishness and greed now but I doubt it.

Any MP who can be proved to have deliberately claimed expenses they should not have should face the legal consequences.  I do not think we will see any MP in court over this affair but that would prove what the public feel, that there is one rule for them and another rule for everyone else.  What has been committed is fraud and, although I am no expert in the law, I do feel there should be one or two prison sentences handed out.  You cannot steal thousands and be able to slip away into obscurity.

My hope is that through this expenses row many of us plebs will take a long hard look at politics and how we vote and how we can influence our politicians.  There is the tangible fear that the BNP (and UKIP!) will benefit from this debacle, the big parties need to grow up and win the trust of the nation and lead by example.

Those of us not standing as politicians need to get to know our local politicians.  It is not that difficult to build some sort of relationship with them and once you have done that you can genuinely influence them.

All of this aside I think recent events have proved that institutions will always be corrupt.  As a Christian I have always had a hope that world leaders would do what is right but I have learnt that this is a futile hope.  There are so many things that make the most moral leader compromise.  What the world really needs is for those who love Jesus to declare his truth so that the wrong things in our society are exposed in the light of truth.  If politicians do the right things, and if we can influence them to do the right things, bonus.  But what must always happen is that Christians speak the truth with love and without fear.

2 thoughts on “Don’t settle for ‘them’ and ‘us’

  1. Michael Martin is the first major victim of the expenses scandal because he was, in part, overseeing, and, in part, benefiting from it.

    MPs are looking for a scapegoat for their own gluttony, which shows how worried they are.

    The Westminster consensus – that profit is good – has left them feathering their nests while lecturing the rest of us on tightening our belts.

    The crisis at the heart of the political system runs deep because it is symbolic of the lack of legitimacy of the “mother of parliaments”.

    This is not just about the stench of corruption as politicians have handed more and more control over to business.

    It is shining a light on the reality of democracy in our system.

    Real democracy is about having control over our lives and a real say about what happens in society.

    Even in its ideal form, parliamentary democracy is a pale shadow of that.

    The perks and the second homes are simply the tips the loyal politicians take as part of running the system – not in the interests of all as they claim, but in the interests of the rich.

    Standing out against the sewer of sleaze running through parliament means not simply dumping one or two crooks but fighting for real democracy.

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