Make sure you vote

I called in the polling station on my way to work this morning. I don’t need to remind you it is so important to vote. If you don’t then you have no right to grumble about what politicians are doing.  There were 12 choices on my ballot paper so there is so much choice.  If you’re totally fed up with the main parties then have a look at one of the others.

I think it is particularly important to vote today because this could be a dangerous opportunity for the BNP to get a bit of a stronger foothold in democracy.  Please don’t waste your vote because you can’t be bothered to get down the polling station.  I believe they are open till about 10pm so you have plenty of time.

For those who would like to vote with a bit of a social conscience there are some options out there for you.  The Green Party, The Christian People’s Alliance, Libertas and Jury Team seem to be alright and don’t seem to be focusing on money as their main agenda.  I personally am vary wary of those parties who predominantly push for a better economy and ignore the environment and social justice.  Whilst a good economy is very beneficial to improving these areas of society I think there are a lot of greedy people in politics and there are several parties who seem to believe that British people are better than everybody else.

Anyway, if you haven’t voted yet, please do!


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