Prepare for today’s adventure

Everyday is an adventure.

Can you imagine setting off on a mountaineering expedition without studying a map, packing the appropriate equipment and shunning the advice of an expert guide?

Some days I feel like a blind, naked, stupid, proud boy attempting to climb Everest without any help or equipment.  It just ain’t gonna be a good outcome. 

However, if I wanted it, there is great help at hand to get me through the day.  I have the opportunity at the start of each morning to sit down with the Expert on life.  He’s always there waiting to give me some advice on what is coming up and how to prepare myself yet so often I am too busy and lazy to listen to him.

Why not take time out today (and every day!) to read The Guide Book and listen to the Expert?  Don’t think you can get through in your own wisdom and experience. 

“The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.”  Proverbs 12:15


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