Israel renames Arab streets

The daily trouble and strife experienced by Palestinians seems to be being quickly forgotten by many in the West.  Although Israel’s blatent military campaign earlier in the year is long behind us life in the ‘Holy Land’ continues to be unimaginably difficult for Palestinians.

In an effort to wipe out traces of Arab heritage  the Israeli Transport Minister declared that road signs would be standardised so that the Arabic name would be removed and only the Hebrew equivalent would be depicted.  In some cases in the West Bank and East Jerusalem roads would even be renamed to glorify right wing Israeli figures.  For those of us in Britain that would be like Al Qa’ida occupying your town and then renaming your High Street something like, ‘Bin Laden Way’.

This new legislation is symptomatic of conditions Palestinians must put up with.  Can you actually imagine living under that level of stress?  ALL your history and culture being destroyed before your eyes…

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