Bobby Robson

I would like to pay tribute to arguably my favourite ever football man.

Italia ’90 was the first tournament I can remember.  Great memories and I fell in love with football largely thanks to Bobby and his squad…Gazza, Platt, Wright, Beardsley, Lineker, Shilton, Walker, Pearce and Barnes stand out for me.

But it was more than Italia ’90 that won Bobby Robson a place in mine, and the nation’s heart.  He simply came across as such an incredible bloke.  Kind, tough, gentle, happy, wise, humble.  He just seemed to have found the right way to live and you always felt good and proud after hearing him talk.

In recent years  I have been astounded by the number of worthy public appearances he made in the face of such trouble.  Even 5 days ago at the 1990 World Cup semi-final re-match to raise money for the Bobby Robson Foundation he was there meeting the players.  (England got their revenge btw – 3-2!)  He never seemed to stop giving.

Bobby Robson was a great, inspiring man.  I will miss him.


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