Dads and Mums

Mum and dad popped in on their way back from a short break in the Cotswolds.  Last week they looked after Anya for us for a whole seven days.  They have been a great mum and dad, all the way through.

I look around and see lot of people, lots of kids, who have a rough time with their parents, if they have any time with them at all.  It really breaks my heart.  I can’t understand.

Everybody needs love.  And if you don’t get it from your parents where are you gonna look for it?

Sometimes I have the privilege of being a dad to someone for a few moments in their life and I believe that small gesture can sometimes be really significant.  When someone is hurting, sometimes all they need is a bit of love and acceptance.  I know that it’s not gonna sort out their life, cure depression or save the world but giving a bit of love can make a real difference.

I know that, despite my great parents, I need to know that I am loved and accepted by others and have valued those who have done that at very significant moments in my life and I am extremely thankful.

Everybody who is reading this:  there is at least one person who looks up to you.  Love them, accept them, you have no idea what a difference it could make to them.


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