Glorious Saturday

Yesterday was one of those beautiful Saturdays…productive, fun, lazy, exciting, relaxing…

It began with a great morning, the highlight being driving along with Anya next to me in the front seat, her head out the window and her hair blowing all over like a film star in the sunny breeze.  We had a Greasy Spoon breakfast, got some shopping done, the sun shone, there was live football on telly and I had chance to enjoy a couple of beers.

Even the stuff that was hard work was good fun.  I spent the night finishing off my preach for this morning but I found the few hours of housework unexpectedly exciting too.  Add all that to the anticipation of a week off work and Rada returning from Italy this evening and I had a brilliant day.

There’s nothing quite like a hard week working to enjoy a day off.  God definitely had the right idea when he rested on the seventh day.  A sound principle if ever there was one!


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