The Libya-Lockerbie thing: Part 2

Yesterday I discussed the words of the Scottish Minister as he freed Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi from Greenock Prison and allowed him to return home to Libya.

Today I want to look at the reaction to his realese.  Both Britain and America asked that Abdelbaset should not be received as a hero in Libya.  How can they reasonably ask that?  Libya believes the man is innocent.  They see him as an innocent victim setup with flawed evidence and imprisoned on political grounds.  Of course they are going to treat him as a hero.

If things were slightly different, an innocent Scottish man imprisoned in Tripoli on dodgy evidence, then I am sure he would be received very favourably once he made it back home.

I have been a bit shocked how severely America have reacted.  It seems all American spokespeople are incapable of understanding anything about compassion.  I am sure it is all with political intent and there must be more than a hint of envy towards Britain now.  Libya is a resource rich country who now look with gratitude on the UK and will continue to hold sour relations with the US.


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