West Ham must be punished severely

I like West Ham United.  I respect them more than most clubs, they have an air of dignity about them.  However, the actions of their fans and some of their players last night were disgusting.

Three times their fans poured on to the pitch enticed by players’ goal celebrations that were certainly over the top considering the context of the match.  Every fan should be identified and sentenced to community service doing youthwork with young lads so they can actually do some good for the next generation rather than be a gloomy example of pathetic irresponsibility.  Both clubs should foot the bill for all the damage and for the police presence needed outside the stadium.

It is credible that some football clubs have shown some responsibility and almost eradicated hooliganism but West Ham and Millwall clearly have a long way to go.  I know that the majority of culprits are not real football fans but they commit violent crime in the name of football and it is just not right that the public are in danger and the tax payer foots the bill to sort these issues out.

There is so much money in football.  The clubs and players should put their hands in their pockets and sort out this problem once and for all.  I suggest both clubs should be docked points in the league.  They would soon solve the problems if a club lost 10 points every time there was trouble at a match.


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