Beached whales struggle with insomnia

I can’t sleep.  I thought about writing a post about not being able to sleep.  But I decided not to.

So I’m gonna write the world’s biggest “to-do” list and hopefully in the process remove all the stuff that is whizzing round my head and stopping me from sleeping.

I only have myself to blame though.   I went to an ‘all you can eat’ last night and really pushed it.  I weighed myself when I got back and I had put on 2kg while I was there!  This means I’m only 1.5kg away from ‘obese’ on the Body Mass Index.  I am working much harder to be healthier, but last night was a very deliberate blip in my smaller portions, eat less often diet.  Mind you, I’m really not sure the temporary pleasure was worth it.  I feel like a beached whale.  And from what I understand beached whales rarely get good nights sleep.

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