Stroke of genius by BBC

The BBC said they had to put Nick Griffin on because his party had met the criteria and earnt the right to be on the platform.  However, I think there was a totally different agenda going on.

The BBC set up Nick Griffin to be slaughtered.  It was the most one sided Question Time I ever saw, even the presenter was killing him.  The BNP got a voice there because we are a democracy but what we all saw tonight was not democratic, it was entrapment.

I don’t care though.  I believe people vote BNP because they are disengaged with politics and don’t know any other way to get any change.  The BBC managed to generate so much publicity that those of us who are disengaged and don’t get politics actually tuned in to see what was going to happen.  And what we saw was a vicious, deceitful, fiend spouting the most foolish lies and tales that those who may have resorted to voting BNP in the past surely must be persuaded that it is a party solely based on white supremacy and racism.

On one hand I am nervous about what backlash we may see from fundamental BNP supporters.  Sadly, I fear we’ll hear some nasty stories over the next few days.  For this reason it was dangerous to give the BNP so much publicity.  However, I am interested to see what effect this will have overall, and long term, to the political balance in this nation.  It’s gonna be a fascinating lead up to the General Election and I desperately hope that the racist BNP are now on their way to being booted into touch.

hope no violence

2 thoughts on “Stroke of genius by BBC

  1. DISENGAGED, FROM POLITICS,what a condersending prate,your veiws are one of the reasons why the BNP will grow in power,it is good that you veiw us as nazis, not that we are,because STUPIDITY IS DESIRIBLE IN ONES ENEMYS,and that is what you are,vire your own words.


  2. James, thanks for stopping by.

    What is it about my views that will help the BNP grow in power?

    It was wrong of you to accuse me of viewing you as Nazis. I did no such thing.


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