Minutes to Midnight: Part 3 – The Little Things Give You Away

It doesn’t matter how hard you try, what level of deception you can attain, or even how deluded you are.  There will always be things that give you away if you try and make out you are something you are not.

This haunting, damning song leaves the soul bare.  Written about New Orleans and hurricane Katrina it could be a slur on Bush and his political stance to the disaster although the line, ‘as a nation simply stares’ suggests a wider accusation.  The truth of the matter is, for all our huffing and puffing, most of us are apathetic and stand by as others suffer.  I yearn for a compassion that is not held back by pride, laziness and a lack of perseverance.  A compassion that actually takes action.  I can say I love but inaction gives me away.


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