“The connection is so subtle and it’s so fragile in the world we live in. It’s like a bird’s song. All the noises of the world seem to devour that song. Just go out your front door and listen… you hear people shouting, cars driving, radios, TV, the list is endless. You have to first shut all the noises out and you have to listen and became silent… to hear the song. And if you find it, it’s so beautiful!”

I’ve been following this discussion over at Naked Pastor about struggling to ‘connect’ with God.  I mentioned that I often struggle to ‘connect’ with God both at church and away from church.  I am too easily distracted, irritated and far to apathetic.  I asked the question, what does it mean to be ‘connected’ anyway.  This is a theme I’d love to explore but for now I’d just wanted to share the words that are at the top of this post.  They were written by Kaalvoet-Kind.



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