World Cup is a fix

I am really disappointed that FIFA are doing their best to prevent heroic efforts from weaker footballing nations enabling them to qualify for the World Cup.  Instead favouring the under performing giants of Portugal and France.  We are currently in between legs in the play-offs for the Finals in South Africa.

Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Republic of Ireland gave a fantastic display in the Group Stages:

  • Bosnia finished ahead of Turkey and Belgium with only Spain, arguably the best team in the world, beating them.
  • Ireland remained undefeated through the whole campain.

However, once FIFA saw that precious France and Portugal were struggling they decided to seed the play-offs to give them a much better chance of qualifying.  Both giants are now firm favourites following the first legs despite atrocious group performances.  In my opinion neither of these teams deserves to be in the Finals.  They achieved similar results to Ireland and Bosnia despite playing much weaker nations.  I say chuck them and their prima donnas out!


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