Thierry Henry = Maradona

Except the Frenchman is clearly not as skillful.

I just don’t know what to think about last night.  The injustice of it all makes me livid.  There are handballs and then then there are handballs.  Just like Maradona’s ‘Hand of God’, Thierry Henry clearly deliberately controls the ball with his hand, TWICE(!), to set-up William Gallas to score the goal the cheats France into the World Cup Finals and robs the more deserving Irish from their place in South Africa.  Here is a video of it from Irish TV:

I could understand a split second of madness from Henry by using his hands, but as a human being you have to own up to stuff like that but instead he runs off to the security of the adoring French fans and takes with him the lifetime label of being one of football’s great cheats.

Also, is it beyond the realms of possibility that FIFA put pressure on the match officials to help the former World Champions get carried into the World Cup like an inept but corrupt politician frauding his way into power…?


One thought on “Thierry Henry = Maradona

  1. A tragedy that both officials have not seen the (double!) handball. The middle ref could have been unsighted, nor the assistant ref on the far side – maybe due to the distance and the speed of the ball?

    Either way, another compelling reason for FIFA to quickly introduce FIFA’s current experiment of 2 additional assistant referees (given FIFA’s reluctance to relay on replay video evidence) that is currently being experimented in the EUROPA League. See

    These additional assistant referees (AAR’s) would have been positioned a few metres from Henry’s position, increasing the chance of spotting such infringements.

    Admittedly, nothing comes close to slo-mo replay evidence.

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