Complain to FIFA

Lots of people are VERY angry about the Republic of Ireland being cheated out of the World Cup.  If you are then take five minutes out of your day and go to and express your feelings to FIFA directly.  If anybody can get an email address for Sepp Blater then let me know!

Here is what I wrote to them this morning:

Subject:  Immoral FIFA


I am writing to express my disgust that you, the governing body for the world’s biggest sport are a blatently corrupt and injust organisation.

If you want France to be in the World Cup Finals so much please be honest and come out and say it.  You could have at least given them a free place from the start and not doomed Ireland to having no chance by fixing the play-off draw and then using suspect officials who have ‘missed’ one of the most obvious discrepancies of all time.

The decisions you make have galactical implications right down to the grass roots of society in every country in the world.  As a youth worker, how can I instill positive values into young people when you allow the message to be broadcast loud and clear by one of the world’s most recognised players, ‘you need to cheat to get what you want in life’?

As an organisation you are a disgrace and should make the world a better place by standing against decisions like that which happened on Wednesday night and by not fixing who gets into the World Cup for your own financial gain.

Yours faithfully

Nathan Adams

It would be great to bombard FIFA with emails about this.  Thanks!

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