26 Russians or Tiger Woods’ face?

Which is more important…the lives of 26 Russians or the smoothness of Tiger Woods’ face?

Well clearly, for me, it is much more important that some advertising employee may have to spend an extra half hour airbrushing Woods’ chiseled mugshot for the next Gillette advert than the fact that loads of families have been devestated by the needless deaths of loved ones in a train crash in Russia.

I was faced with two headlines when I switched on the BBC website yesterday morning.  One read, “Dozens killed in Russian train crash’.  The other read, “Golfer Woods injured in car crash’.  Which one did I automatically click on?  Yes, the Tiger Woods one.

I think this is symptomatic of two things:

  1. We live in a celebrity obsessed culture that magnifies small incidents of the chosen few into world changing news items.
  2. We give precidence to small ‘disasters’ in English speaking countries high over and above genuine catastrophes in the non-English speaking world.

Two very silly traits.

One thought on “26 Russians or Tiger Woods’ face?

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