How do you help?

Spotted this on Lee & Baz’s blog.  A challenging video.

Are you helping?

Rather than just slagging off the embarrassing, socially inept street preacher it’d be better for me to be constructive.

I try and live my whole life serving God.  I hope that lots of the little things I do actually, in some tiny way, ‘help’:

  • eating dinner with my family
  • taking time to listen to a friend at work
  • playing footy with the lads on a Monday night
  • being an advocate for disempowered young people
  • sharing my experience with a trainee youth worker
  • praying with someone who’s stressed
  • popping in for 10 minutes to see a friend
  • taking Anya swimming
  • writing a blog post(!?)
  • taking time out the day to meditate on who God is
  • writing to a politician about the situation in Palestine

The list goes on.  How are you helping?

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