Rage Against the Machine swear on 5 Live

I am loving this campaign to get Rage to number one ahead of X-Factor Joe.  Appearing on Radio 5 Live this morning, Rage Against the Machine argue that Simon Cowell has so much control over what people think and what people spend their money on.  I like Rage’s point that, whether it is a small thing like getting someone different to the top of the charts or whether it is something big like war and peace, when the silent majority act together then the world order of things can be turned on its head.

This is such an important lesson for us to learn.  We are so indoctrinated by culture…we are fed values and expectations that tell us we have to have sex to be normal, we have to get drunk to feel good, we have to own ‘stuff’ to be worth anything.  I hate these values…they rip families part, exploit the young and destroy the poor.

But these values will not stop being preached by the media until more people stand up against them.  Whether or not X-Factor lose their chart crown is petty but the concept behind the campaign is devestatingly important. Sheila off 5 Live demonstrated the passive pathetic attitude that is typical of us, the consumer public.  She told the audience to buy Joe’s record because Rage started swearing.  Yeah, it’s ok to say something different until it offends people and then they run to the safety of what they know – materialism, celebrity obsession, self-centredness, escapism……

I’m off to download Killing in the Name!


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