The most influential book…?

I am filling in an application form that asks which five books have influenced me the most, apart from the Bible.  This is an impossible question.  I can only think of Narnia and Lord of the Rings and I refuse to put those down.

Please could you tell me which books have influenced me the most?



2 thoughts on “The most influential book…?

  1. Obviously they are

    1) Nobby Stiles: After the Ball – My Autobiography by Nobby Stiles

    2)VW Camper, The Inside Story: A Guide to the Various Camping Conversions and Interior Layouts Used for VW Campers 1951-2005 by David Eccles

    3)How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative by Allen Raymond, and Ian Spiegelman

    4)The Barry Manilow Anthology (Piano Vocal Guitar) by Barry Manilow

    5)Noshe Djan: Afghan Food and Cookery by Helen Saberi, and Abdullah Breshna

    I don’t know how you could forget!

  2. Ah wonderful, each of those was tantalizingly on the tips of my fingers ready to be typed. I’m glad you have provided full authors’ names so I don’t have to look up the spellings.

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