Should Titus Bramble still be playing?

Earlier this week Titus Bramble was arrested and then bailed on suspicion of rape.  I don’t know about other industries but in my line of work someone arrested for such an offence would certainly be suspended.  Probably for two reasons:

Firstly as a safeguarding measure to protect children and young people.  I would imagine that most football clubs have plenty of young people knocking around.  Someone who is under investigation for a sexual offence should not have access to young people.

Secondly, the suspected would likely be suspended for bringing an organisation into disrepute.  Should he be found guilty then it does not look good on Sunderland that they have continued to employ Bramble and utilise his skills.  For me it sends the message that they do not take this sort of issue seriously and would rather hang onto this player as long as possible regardless of what he has been accused of doing.

I am making no comment on the guilt or innocence of Bramble.  However, I think football is in a bit of a mess with regard to the behaviour of players off the pitch at the moment and allowing Bramble to play does communicate to young footballers and lads all over the country that it is ok to take advantage of women sexually.  Being a professional footballer will throw you into the media spotlight and every footballer and football club must take that responsibility seriously.

3 thoughts on “Should Titus Bramble still be playing?

  1. I am not sure I quite agree.

    Bramble has not been charged with rape.

    He could easily perform his role without any direct contact with young people.

    I do not see how he could be suspended for bringing the organisation into disrepute while only under investigation because he could simply be the victim of a malicious claim, as several other footballers have been.

    Had the alleged offence taken place within the workplace, or in soe way related to the workplace, then perhaps there would be more grounds.

    But suspending him would firstly punish him before he was found guilty, secondly look like an admission of guilt and thirdly what if it takes 6 months to investigate, then another 6 months after being charged until trial?

    If it went to tribunal I think the football club would have difficulty proving they were right to suspend him. Until a judge decides otherwise he is innocent in the eyes of the law. Until at least the police charge him with something there is nothing concrete to act upon.

  2. What about mascots, ball boys, the youth team and the talented 17 year old who comes on as a sub?

    Maybe it is different for other types of organisations but I’m sure he’d be suspended if he were a youth worker, police officer, church leader, politician, doctor etc.

    I don’t wanna show a lack of grace towards Bramble but I’m tired of footballers having so much influence yet taking such little responsibility.

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