Come on Europe!

I was going to write a blog grumbling that the European Ryder Cup Team uses the European Union flag.  I was upset because many countries are not allowed or choose not to be members of the European Union and so the flag could hardly claim to be representative of the whole continent.

However, on doing a little research I discovered that it is the Council of Europe that owns the copyright for the blue flag with twelve golden stars arranged in a perfect circle.  They have simply given permission for the European Union to use it as their flag also.

So I’m sorry I should stop grumbling and just get behind the European Team….come on Europe!

P.S.  I should note that Belarus are not allowed in the Council of Europe because of their lack of respect for human rights.  Let’s hope this is resolved before any golfers from Belarus qualify for a Ryder Cup team.  I also wonder if the are some European pots calling the kettle of Belarus black.  (Invasion *cough* Iraq *cough* human rights *cough*)


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