Montenegro is getting in my blood

I was physically trembling, emotionally at breaking point and I hoped beyond hope that England would NOT score.  I was an Englishman surrounded by a thousand Montenegrins surrounded by seventy three thousand Englishman.  The final result at Wembley – England 0-0 Montenegro!  😀


England 0-0 Montenegro


I fell in love with Montenegro a few days before I fell in love with my wife as I waited for the Kamenari ferry in July 2001.  Though it was almost midnight it was warm and there was a peaceful vibrancy in the air as locals sat around simply enjoying life.  It is a romance that has never disappeared and becomes totally reignited every time I visit.

And now I’m preparing for the ultimate test of my love for Montenegro – I’m about to spend the whole winter there!  I think, and hope, that the love will remain as true as it was when I was gripped to my seat high up at Wembley on Tuesday night.  The thing is Montenegro seems to have got in my blood.  I am desperate for the country to flourish whether it is the economy, the sporting teams or individual people.  My hope is that our time in Montenegro can, in some small or big way, empower a few people to improve their lives, both on this earth and after.

I am not going to Montenegro to show them that to live a Western lifestyle will bring happiness and prosperity.  I am going to share the journey and to explore, with whoever wants to, how God is relevant today in Montenegro.  I’ll let you know how the journey goes.

However, I am without doubt that, even if I am privileged enough to be able to offer anything of value, it will be me that will be changed and transformed by 15 weeks with the most amazing people in the most amazing nation!


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