Less than an hour to go

We’re less than an hour away from embarking on our little adventure to Montenegro for the winter but, to be honest, I’m struggling to get my head round what we are doing.  Part of me feels like we’re visiting family for a couple of weeks and part of me feels like we’re not going anywhere at all!  I think the last few weeks have been some of the more stressful of my life.  There has been so much to get ready (at work, in the house, to pack etc) that I haven’t had chance to enjoy the fact we now have the opportunity to do something I thought I could only dream of.

We’re spreading the journey over four days so that should give us a bit of a buffer and space to reflect I hope.  I also hope for great family time and fun on the journey (which I guess is a small holiday in itself!)  I’m so knackered though, that my prayer is that God will give me enough grace and good attitude to be a positive part of the family – he’s been with us so far in all our preparations and I know, if I’m open to him, he’ll help me say and do the right things and we’ll have a great time – not just for the journey but for the whole adventure once we get there too!

4 thoughts on “Less than an hour to go

  1. Don’t worry. You’ll enjoy your time once you get there.
    When I was working I dealt with the same problem. I had planned and worked hard for a vacation but prior to I was so focused on other things I couldn’t be excited about actually leaving!

    Have a good time.
    : )

  2. Hi Nathan
    I am praying that now you are on the journey, life will be a little easier. We are so proud of you.
    May God use you, Rada and Anya in Montenegro – just keep in step with him.

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