“Are we there yet?” “NO!!!”

Each country feels really different.  The French seem to avoid the north east corner of their country – everyone was driving there apart from them. The Belgians have a motorway ring road around their capital that is more scenic than the M25 but just as chocka.  The Germans truly are advanced as they have Subways at their service stations and charge you to use the toilet.  The Austrians build great tunnels that work out better value than the Dartford Tunnel.  The Slovenians….well its been dark since we got here and our host seems a cheeky chappy so I’ll reserve my supreme judgment on this nation.

It’s been good.  I must admit I suspect I’m enjoying it more than Rada but she’s always been reluctant to drive to Montenegro and has a stinking cold.  Both nights we’ve arrived exhausted at places claiming to be hotels but aren’t quite and have also had to scrape around for food.  They’ve been comfortable in their own way and, for me, add to the whole eccentricity of travelling in new places but they’ve not quite been what we needed.Are

I think three lessons have been learnt for the return journey:

  1. Spread it over as many days as possible – 13 hours a day travelling really is draining
  2. Find Motels/Hotels that are right on motorways – there’s only so many times you can drive round Bonn in the middle of the night before you are on the brink of murder
  3. Audio books are the way forward – absolute pleasure listening to Prince Caspian together

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