The end of the motorway

Definitely the best day travelling so far.  The motorways in Slovenia and Croatia are top class and we made great time for the first 600km.  Then we began wondering why the road became more and more deserted the closer we got to Dubrovnik.  Then the motorway just stopped!  In my 2008 atlas it had said ‘under construction completion due 2008’ so I thought we were pretty safe but the end of the tarmac meant we had to take an abrupt right and find our way through the most incredible winding roads and scenery.  It was raining pretty heavily but an amazing journey all the same.  We eventually made it to Dubrovnik and Rada relaxed in the hotel while me and Anya went for a stroll before getting caught in more rain and running back to the hotel.

Not quite the ‘suffering’ of shipwrecks, floggings and a pending execution that St Paul endured but the journey has been a trial of sorts.  Of course all the problems are very low on risk in this day and age of breakdown recovery, mobile phones and tolerance for all but the effort it takes to drive nearly 3000km and keep good family and spiritual relations really focuses you on the task at hand.  We’re about to be loosed in Montenegro to lead a small group of believers and communicate the message of Jesus to non-believers.  It’s a serious job but one we’re privileged to be called to.  Watch this space to see how we get on!

One thought on “The end of the motorway

  1. Great to read about your journey – I suppose your are in Montenegro by now. We’ve been praying for you all the way, but didn’t realise about the unfinished motorway – not sure whether my faith would have ensured it was completed before you got there!
    Pleased to know Prince Caspion has been so helpful on the journey – I hope you’ve met Aslan along the way. Love to Rada and Anya and the rest of the Koprivica family members.

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