A Self-Help Post

So we arrived fine enough on Monday lunchtime.  Our timing was perfect in one respect as the brand new road from the coast to Rada’s hometown was completed only the day before which took almost an hour off the last part of our journey.  Since then we’ve been in Rada’s parent’s home and will move into Pastor Stan’s house probably on Monday when he leaves for the States.

I’ve still not got myself in the frame of mind to be taking on the responsibilities that are about to be entrusted to me.  But I know that when the time comes to it I’ll be ready for the challenge.  In the meantime we are able to settle and sort out a few practical things.  I really should get down to some language study as that is gonna be one of the biggest hurdles and frustrations but I’m feeling really lethargic.  It’d also be good to crack on with sermon prep and getting out running but I keep finding excuses not to do much.  That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I will now set some small goals otherwise I’ll not achieve much at all this week:

  • Do a run (no matter how short) each morning
  • Spend half an hour each day studying Montenegrin
  • Spend one hour each of the next 4 days studying the passages I’ll be preaching from

2 thoughts on “A Self-Help Post

  1. Thanks very much for asking its great to be kept accountable!

    Number 1 has not happened at all 😦
    Number 2 has happened more or less and will even be having proper lessons – first one was today!
    Number 3 has gone really well and I’m raring to go 🙂

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