Update from Montenegro

So I finally led my first two services in Montenegro yesterday.  It was strange being stood there responsible for proceedings.  I was pleased with how they went and how I had prepared and how I responded to different things that happened.  I have also learnt some lessons for next week, the most challenging being my sentence construction!  It seems the way I write in English can make it difficult to translate into Montenegrin.  So this week I’ll need some lessons in English grammar before I can even try to resolve that problem!

The weather turned last night from days of 20+ degrees to thunderstorms.  I went running in the rain this morning – one of my favourite past times but certainly guaranteed to get a few looks from passers-by here.  People try to stay out of bad weather when they can.

Other than that it looks like we’re almost beginning to get a routine which is important otherwise your time gets sucked away.  Week 3….here we go….



One thought on “Update from Montenegro

  1. If you need a hand drop me a line. I spent the early part of this year looking at ways preachers can work more effectively with interpreters. It might be as much about how much you say and what you say.

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