The rain is back

The rain is back.  We had a few dry days over the weekend but it’s been raining loads for the last 24 hours.  We got a few floods last week and this is a picture I took after the rain stopped.  It is of a house on my running route.  You can see the ‘field’ next to the house!  It’s not as pleasant to be in the rain as the sun but there is something stunning about it in Montenegro – the rivers fill and burst, you get loads of fun driving/running through massive puddles and when the sun breaks through you get some amazing skies.


I’ve tried a new routine this week.  Last week I spent 5 or 6 days trying to plan and write my sermons and ended up getting a bit bogged down and frustrated.  So this week I did a lot of research on Monday and have deliberately avoided studying and writing on Tuesday and Wednesday.  They’ve been fairly relaxed days with some good highlights.  But tomorrow I’ll begin writing in earnest.  The theory is that I’ll be raring to go and will write quickly and efficiently!


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