Epic pig killing fail

Well I feel like I have let many people down.  There was one instance before we left England where I was literally commissioned to kill an animal while I was away.  But I have let the opportunity come and go.  Rada’s family were killing animals last week and I missed out.  I was late and they had already killed their 5 pigs.  I am sorry to all those in England who are waiting expectant for me to get blood on my hands.  I guess some things are just not meant to be.

When we arrived just after the pigs had been killed the smell was quite incredible – that was the smell of burning hair because you need to use a blowtorch to clean the skin.  I managed to get these photos the next day which I think is pretty cool.  You would not believe how hard they all work to sort out the meat from a cow and 5 pigs.

Master Butcher - Rada's Dad


The hardest worker - Rada's Mum

Ready for the chop - Rada's brother

This morning I have been getting on with sermon preparation and am soon going over for lunch at Rada’s parents’.  Later this afternoon going for a visit to study the Bible with someone and then we’re hopefully visiting some students this evening for cake and good times I expect.

Over the last 24 hours I’ve been privileged to speak via various forms of communication with Mum, Dad, Rob, Martin, Tom, Bojan & Zana.  It’s great to be in touch with friends even when we’re not in the same place. Thanks for your support it’s nice to know we are being thought of.


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