Home, work, work, home

What’s it like to be an immigrant?  Must be dead tough.  I am living in a foreign country right now but I don’t want to lay any claim to truly be experiencing the life of an immigrant.  I have a wife and friends who can translate every word for me.  I am being generously supported by family and friends so that I am able to get on with the work with the church here.  I have a good life here.

But what about an economic migrant or an asylum seeker?  You don’t speak or read the language but then you get something through the post that looks vaguely like a bill.  What do you do?  You can’t ask anyone because they won’t understand you.

And then you’re trying to earn money to survive in a strange land.  This is a cult video by Montenegrin Ekrem Jevric who is based in New York.  A very funny video but serious lyrics.  “Work, home, home, work”.  The life of an immigrant. “Hey New York darkness loom all over you.”  And then the discrimination – treated like a second class citizen.  “What do I know?  I don’t know anything, how could I?”  Spare a thought…


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