Working with Roma

Did you know Montenegro has the most refugees (per capita) in the world?

Had a really long day today.  Left the house at 6am in pouring rain to catch the bus to Podgorica (the capital) with Danijel (the student worker).  We were going to go and help some Egyptian Roma families renovate the interior of their houses.  They are refugees who had to flee persecution from Albanians in Kosovo and ended up in a Red Cross Refugee Camp in Montenegro.

Beautiful Egyptian Roma Children

Their houses are made of wood and are made of one average size room and one tiny room and are without running water.  You can get over a dozen people living in each house.  We were working on one that was leaking and cold so were putting in some new insulation and fixing the ceiling and roof*.  It was of course a real privilege but conditions were poor to say the least.  What was lacked in the ‘standard of living’ was certainly made up for with hospitality and character of the peope.  Wet, cold, dirty and exhausted I returned to Niksic and had one of the best showers I ever had….the things we take for granted.

And then this evening, in total contrast, we had a Wii party.  Good fun is becoming a habit on Monday nights!  🙂  Here is me in action —>

A Hula Expert


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