It’s not so much in the news….but please don’t forget

Some statistics (accurate up to 16th Nov 2010)

  • Number of Israeli children killed by Palestinians since September 2000  –  124
  • Number of Palestinian children killed by Israelis since September 2000  –  1,452
  • Current number of Israelis held prisoner by Palestine – 1
  • Current number of Palestinians held prisoner by Israel – 7,383
  • Number of Israeli homes demolished by Palestinians since 1967  –  0
  • Number of Palestinian homes demolished by Israel since 1967  –  24,145
  • Amount of military financial aid to Israel from America each day in 2009  –  $7,000,000
  • Amount of military financial aid to Palestine from America in 2009  –  $0
  • Number of Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land  –  239
  • Number of Palestinian settlements built on Israeli land  –  0

Source –

It’s not in the news as much as it sometimes is.  Please don’t forget the Palestinian people who live in daily fear and suffering.

2 thoughts on “It’s not so much in the news….but please don’t forget

  1. Go there, live there, know the situation. Every european nation who turns its back on Israel, and allows its democracy to be taken advantage by arab/muslim immigrants, regrets it later. Look at Sweden, look at France; they’re being over-run. Israel is no different. If they give an inch, the Palestineans will take a mile. And they won’t get any of it for themselves. That whole mile will go to Hezbolluh and their other Arab handlers. I feel you, you’re sympathetic to the Paestineans. I’m an Jewish American and sympathetic to the struggle of Palestineans, but their fate has been handed to them by their bad choices and missed opportunities. If Palestineans could be more cohesive and self-reliant, shrugging off their foreign controllers, they might have a chance at building a peaceful community for themselves, and finding their way into the international community as a nation, and not as a punching bag.

  2. My wife has spent several weeks living and working alongside Palestinians in Jerusalem. Not claiming to be an expert but it is some first hand experience.

    It may be true that if Israel gives an inch Palestine will take a mile but that is no excuse for their continued policies that break international law and tear Palestinian families apart. This problem is Israel’s making (and UK & US) not Palestine’s.

    But I certainly agree with comments about Palestine needing to be more cohesive. As things stand peace does not have a chance – because of both sides. I don’t know what can be done, only that I don’t want my friends in the West to be ignorant of what is going on.

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