I am unreasonable


What!!??  How stupid can a court be?  So we’re not allowed to use long paintbrushes or paint on the floor now?  I’m very sorry for the kid and his family but why should anybody be responsible for this freak accident?  It’s just one of those things.

You know this actually gets me really angry.  I refuse to pander to the health and safety obsession.  Our country must lose so many millions of pounds each year faffing around with risk assessments.  One of the best ways to be healthy is to have fun but we are stopped from doing fun activities because there is a minute risk of a freak accident.  This decision might make this kid rich but will terrify schools and businesses up and down the country.

But what do I know?  According to this judge, Lady Dorrian, I am unreasonable because I would not have taken steps to prevent a freak accident.  I really care for young people. that’s why I work with them, but I think this judgement, as reported by the BBC, is utterly ridiculous.


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