Russia & Qatar to host World Cups

Congratulations to the people of Russia & Qatar (and the rest of the Middle East).  I am really pleased for you and hope you enjoy the World Cups and that your nations benefit in a positive way.

Of course, being an Englishman, I was gutted that England did not win the vote.  And my favourite for 2022 would have been Australia.  But never mind there is no point having sour grapes and I am not writing this post out of bitterness.  However, I am disappointed with the outcome of the FIFA voting and especially that Qatar won.

Reasons Qatar should not host the World Cup

  • They have no football heritage
  • They have never qualified for a World Cup and only once got past the first round of the Asian Cup
  • There are huge amounts of commercial opportunities for FIFA through choosing Qatar – this is not a viable reason for choosing a nation to host a tournament
  • Travelling and staying in Qatar will be a nightmare for the average fan
  • Qatar are super-rich and can simply build the best stadiums and complexes and would have been able to put on extraordinary hospitality for FIFA delegates – it goes against everything that was great about the World Cup in South Africa

Reasons why Qatar should host the World Cup

  • It will be great for the people of the Middle East to have a home tournament.
  • The stadiums look incredible!

Doha Port Stadium, Qatar

Reasons Russia should not host the World Cup

  • Few people would dispute that Russia is a nation full of corruption – given the recent accusations towards FIFA one wonders if there are some dodgy dealings going on
  • They have not qualified for the last two World Cups – I hate nations getting free places at tournaments when they would have been unlikely to qualify otherwise (eg Ukraine & Poland at the next European Championships)

Reasons Russia should host the World Cup

  • They have a great footballing heritage – from 1958-1972 USSR made it to eight major quarter-finals and won the European Championships in 1960 (something England never did!)
  • They have never hosted a major tournament before
  • Many cities will benefit from hosting matches

I think us English need to get over our superiority complex.  We have no divine right to host or win major football tournaments.  Only 2 delegates voted for the England bid!  And I think we can assume one of those was our own Geoff Thompson!  That’s pretty embarrassing and shows that we must have had a very poor bid.

What are your thoughts…..?


111 thoughts on “Russia & Qatar to host World Cups

  1. I’ve visited Qatar a few times and I’m baffled as to why they would get the world cup? (Apart from oil money greasing the hands of FIFA)

    It has no bars (save for those in hotels) no nightlife and no real sporting interest in its population. Therefore there will be very little atmosphere for the travelling fans (not that FIFA will care about them, as long as it looks good on telly where they get most of their cash from).

    It does have cash to build huge stadiums that look nice but which will have no legacy value whatsoever though. It’s just a case of style over substance, cash over culture. I don’t mind Russia getting it over us, as you say they’ve never hosted one but Qatar!??!? And as for FIFA saying the heat won’t be a problem – like they have influence over the weather now like King Canute – I used to do guard duty for just 2 hours at a time in that heat and even standing still it was exhausting – the matches will be dull, insipid affairs.

  2. hi, i’m curious: why do you say that it would be a nightmare for soccer fans to travel to Qatar? i’ve never watched an international match although i would kill to see Netherlands game. is it expensive? or simply because they have no bars/no nightlife like one of the commenters mentioned above?

    PS: i’m rooting for Russia! 😉

  3. Qatar will be 203 degrees!! OMG.

    I really wanted England to host – they have the best soccer heritage (Premier League) and the best stadiums already in place. They also have not hosted WC since the sixties.

    Australia has NEVER hosted WC which is unbelievable to me!! COME ON FIFA!! How the hell does Qatar get to host and not Oz?

    Anyway, congrats on getting pressed. 🙂

  4. Personally, I’m all for Qatar. Yes, they have no football heritage, but you cannot deny that they have no love for the game. You’ve obviously never seen Arabs during football tournaments of any kind.

  5. Both Russia and Qatar were a big surprise to me when I watched the bidding yesterday. Personally I wouldn’t have minded if any other country (Australia, England, Portugal/Spain) would have gotten to host but Russia or Qatar doesn’t really register.
    Both countries are places I’m not raring to visit but for FIFA’s sake I just hope they use more “Technology” this time.

  6. Totally agree with us not having the right anymore. Of course, it would have been amazing for us to have it but there was never really any chance. We’re not liked for one.

    Our standard of football dropped to below embarrassinng long ago. We shouldn’t even think about hosting a sport we’re sorely failing at!

  7. Does Qatar even have a proper national league? it obviously does not have a history of being a football loving country… but hey, maybe all that investment in to new stadiums and facilities will spark something? think positive 🙂 at least it will probably be spectacular to watch, imagine all the money and new high tech gimmicks they can afford to make this look great.. and I think that is ok too, every once in a while…

  8. Let’s just say Sepp Blattar is only doing what serves him best, not what is best for everyone or what is best for football.

  9. Okay, I have to admit that I doubt the fact Russia and Qatar earned it by just having the best bid. I mean, there has to be some money involved for the FIFA as well. Then again, Russia is a country that has lots of potential when it comes to becoming a leading country in football. So I guess there is some sense in handing them the World Cup. Somehow it would be logical if it would improve the infrastructure and the training of young football players.

    For Qatar, well, we can be sure they will deliver us one of the best World Cups when it comes to stadiums and facilities. That is just what they can buy with all the money available. I am just not sure football will earn anything from it. They have no history and the country is so small, they will never able to build a good team with Qatar players to compete.

  10. (your post is addicting:)One thing I forgot to mention about Russia (also should be added to your list of why they shouldn’t host). A big thing with Football now is that they push more respect and no racism. Russia has a big problem with racism so how will that be fixed before the 2018 games?

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  13. My thoughts are that I am glad to hear that someone is big enough to say that everyone should just get over themselves.

    Cheers to you!

    Their stadium does looking freaking awesome, btw!

  14. I know you didn’t address this in your blog, but I know people commenting have. People are complaining about lack of nightlife and the extreme heat in Qatar, which are justified complaints. Qatar however has acknowledged this. They are making a ton of changes to their country to prepare for the cup, which includes air conditioned and climate controlled stadiums, no players will be physically drained!

    They are also building more hotels and bars! They WANT people to be happy.

  15. I can’t imagine the fans not getting to drink everywhere!! Ha, ha, ha! The stadium looks great! I guess we’ll have to wait & see. It’ll still be great on TV!!

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  18. As much as I am in agreement with you that Qatar’s successful bid sheds light upon some ‘dodgy’ issues amongst FIFA and its delegates, you fail to construct even a semi-respectable argument, which is a shame for a topic that is high on the sports press’ agenda and holds so much scope for deconstruction.

    I oppose both decisions strongly, however cannot fail to ignore one of your reasons as to why Russia ‘shouldn’t host in 2018’, that being that ‘they have never hosted before.’ If you are going by this argument, then we become stuck in a ‘circle of hosts’, because as you make it clear in what you state, only those who have hosted before should host future tournaments. I fail to see any reasoning for this belief and think you are wrong for stating this…if you believe this then the World Cup will be alternated between those who have previously hosted it, offering no chance for any worthy candidates. Is this what you want?

    I am intrigued to know who you think should be hosting 2018, as you only state your thoughts toward 2022 and claim England have “no divine right” to host the 2018 event… Did you not realise that a FIFA investigation into the financial gain revealed that having the World Cup in England would’ve been the most financially profitable? Furthermore, we have all the facilities in place, with some of the world’s greatest sporting facilities at hand.

    Personally, I fail to see how a bid like Russia’s will actually benefit the Russian communities for an ever-lasting future. Sure, the new stadiums and transportation links will stretch to offer members of the public new, short-term job opportunities, but at the end of the day these are only short-term and won’t enhance the poverty levels in these far-out communities. They won’t improve living conditions, nor will them hosting the tournament improve something that the nation is notoriously infamous for, racism.

    England was the strongest bid for 2018, with FIFA delegates admitting this and promising to vote…but where did these votes go? It is a shambles, frankly, and highlights the major pitfalls in the future of world football.

  19. I forget where, but I remember reading that hosting the World Cup in Qatar and Russia was a movement of peace and equality to the two countries that are in a state of unrest and such.
    If that might be a reason for it, then tip of the hat to that endeavor, and good luck to the national teams playing in the environment, not to mention the fans that will be traveling there.
    Still, I was hoping the Cup would’ve been in the USA.

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  21. So, bars and nightlife make a big difference in soccer. Now I get it. It appears that you do not know about soccer games in the Middle East. Sadly, soccer is the number one favorite game there, and personally I am not that interested in it.

  22. I have to admit the stadium looks all futuristic and fantastic but I’m pretty surprised. Qatar and Russia? Never really registered seeing as their football heritage isn’t really ‘big leagues’. I was actually hoping that it would be in Australia or possibly even the States cause then I might have had the opportunity to go watch a game. But I can only imagine how expensive this is going to be now!
    Oh well, I still can’t wait for that time of year again! WC FTW!

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  24. I watched FIFA before and I’m going to watch the next FIFA tournament.
    I have nothing against with the place where the World Cups will going to held. And I guess this will be more exciting because we have many things to look forward like the highlight of the event, the venue and the delegates from different countries.

  25. I want to know what Qatar will do with the stadia after the world cup. Will the great structures simply become white elephants, monuments to stupidity or will they be put to good commercial use?

  26. The suprise is that Fifa voted out the bids with the better technical and economic reports for both 2018 and 2022. Both countries have no track record in hosting tournaments of any kind. This makes you wonder what the point of the bidding process is and whatever the reason for choosing the hosts, it wasn’t a football reason.

  27. Aw, come now, you lucky ducks get the 2012 Olympics! Just what your country needs! A half billion MORE people! I’m just boggled at that! Where are you going to put them all!!?

    Hey, don’t despair. I think you country still rocks in football!

    I’ve never heard of Qatar until just this last week.

    Can you imagine the security that’s going to be enforced in Russia???

    Keep in mind that these are all going to happen in the waaaaay future. A lot can happen in the next 6 years!

  28. Congrats to QATAR!! they truly deserve it!
    I swear the Gulf and Arab region need action in our side of the world!! ;p

  29. I think its a shame that they clearly didn’t go to the nations with the best bids…

    Roger Burden said:

    “We were equal top of Fifa’s own technical assessment of the four bids,” said Burden. “We were top of an independent assessment of the best commercial bids and our presentation on Thursday was widely acclaimed as the best of the 2018 and 2022 bids.”

    So basically we did the best at everything they asked us to do yet still didn’t get the votes. If you look at the ratings for each nation it seems the highest rated nations got the least votes. I don’t mind losing fair and square but clearly this isn’t the case!

    And I agree about the legacy of the stadiums left behind. In England and many of the other nations the stadiums would have been left behind by the world cup circus, yet week in week out they would be filled by passionate fans supporting their club team long after the Qatari stadiums have been removed. Pointless, unused relics from a crap world cup in which matches had to be played at midnight since even the linesmen couldn’t stand the heat…

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  31. Loved your post – especially the pro/con format that you used. And congrats on being freshly pressed.

    It seems that the old adage ‘when it rains, it pours’ applies to Russia these days. First they win the bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics and now they are chosen for the FIFA cup. They are rumoured to be struggling with the expense of the preparations for the Olympics and may even back out of it at the 11th hour. I hope that they are able to pull both off without putting too much burden on the taxpayer.

  32. Look east my friends, look east.

    It is only the beginning. Asia is prospering and people want change. Right from Seoul Olympics in 1988, There have been a lot of international events in Asia. The Cricket world cups in India, Winter Olympics in Japan, Summer Olympics in China, CWG in India etc. They have some of the best organized in the world.

    Congratulations to Qatar and Russia.

  33. I am not surprised one bit that Australia did not get the world cup. All they were leaving behind was a bunch of upgraded stadiums for our Aussie Rules Football league, which our Soccer (Football) teams would have never played on. There were 3 stadiums in Sydney only 1 of them would have been a new stadium and the other 2 wouldn’t have been touched. A stadium in perth would have been built and straight after become a AFL stadium (not A-League). Newcastle, Canberra would have been upgraded for the world cup and used by Football (Soccer) team afterwards, but the rest are AFL stadiums which would never be used by Soccer teams afterwards.

  34. I’m personally excited about the World Cup and I think having it in Qatar and Russia will expose the people of the world to those two cultures. You can read more at would love to get your feedback.

  35. i absolutely love the world cup and follow it religiously when its on. but my reactions this time were
    1) is that even safe?
    and 2) does Qatar even have a national football team?
    i had never heard of or seen them play before but according to wikipedia on the internet, football is the country’s most popular sport followed by cricket. who knew??

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  38. Bar, beer, entertainment disco, lady boys show cabaret pubs and live music outdoors at the famous Walking Street is known. Sources, including restaurants. Room for both local and international seafood fresh from the sea or a romantic atmosphere.

  39. i think it’d be best for middle east, especially Qatar to host the world game.. English countries can put aside their conspirational deals for awhile.
    and football watchers (at home) wanted to see the great opening in Qatar.. i dont know about Russia.

  40. The British Media need to learn their place. I can’t understand why the England bid couldn’t just play the game and bribe their way to success. When will the people of britain Just accept that ethics and morals are an anachronism with no place in the modern world.

  41. I know nothing about World Cup history, but I have to say, that stadium DOES look impressive. I was surprised to learn that Russia won the bid…you don’t typically associate soccer with that neck of the woods! Great post…congrats on FP!

  42. I am South African and this reminds me so of the time before the World Cup when practically the whole world it seemed was against us. Oh you can’t host anything, look at all the crime, what are they gonna play soccer in the bush?, have you heard the vuvuzelas, there’s so much corruption, etc.
    But then the World Cup was finally here and everyone suddenly shut the hell up.
    For this reason I was especially happy that USA, England, and Australia didn’t get the bid because those were the countries who gave us the most shit.
    Congrats to Russia and Qatar, I know how it feels right now for everyone to be criticising. I hope you both prove everyone wrong and surprise us all.

  43. That’s a beautiful picture of the stadium. However, my worries also go for the weather conditions of Qatar!

  44. I would like to see a Nation like Russia with this new comission. I like the fact that you were so precise in the goods and bads. And is true there is always hope for them to claim those trophyes again. To the diligents!!!!
    ~Great Love to you,
    Mirian from peelingtheorange.

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  48. If one is not given a chnace, then one will not be able to prove it! Qatar will definitely have issues hosting the world cup, but that, in no way means they should not have the right to host it. Countries in the middle east have full rights to such opportunities and even if the event fails, one can surely say that equal opportunities is for all. Qatar should be congratulated and FIFA should be commended for the bold step that they have taken which no other sport normally takes. Give Qatar a chance and let time decide the rest!

  49. The English have a superiority complex? ha ha Well, at least I have a two or three times removed cousin that plays there in England. I think in Manchester. Wayne Rooney in our family is a legend. You know the stories you have heard one too many times.

    As to Qatar hosting the tournament, I am against it on the basis of the recent horrors that have come to women in the East. As long as the Middle East stones women to death. I will be against anything being hosted there.

    Then there is Russia. Russia brings to mind of the Beatles always, “Bak in the USSR.” But, I agree with you on this one also. It is too corrupt over there and it will be a nightmare for the fans to stay there also.

    In conclusion, why should any fan have to endure such dangerous environments to go to the tournaments. So, you say England has a superiority complex? hmmm I had no idea? 🙂

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  51. I Think it will be a big chanse 4 football fans from the middle East to watch the games live and it is OK 4 me to host it in Qatar cuz I really watch many cermonies which Qatar did and they did it well .
    I hope it will be in Dubai next time cuz I’m from Dubai 😀

  52. we pakistani feel very proud and privatize that a Muslim country got a such big event to host that show the Puritanin of Muslim ummah.

  53. i think its good that qatar got the chance…the main objective of a governing sports body is to popularise the sport where it isn’t…and as qatar comes under the islamist countries its great to give them a chance…!!

    like india got with the commonwealth games this year and we pulled it off pretty well!! 🙂

  54. Guys,

    I agree that Qatar has no History but that doesn’t mean, the country didn’t deserve the bid.

    Qatar is an independent state in the Southern Arabian Gulf surrounded by Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Iran.

    YES it has no history, its a booming middle eastern country that is trying to make remarkable accomplishments within the years and trying to prove its self. The population doesn’t exceed 742,883 which clarifies why they don’t have a night life, but since the expatriates from different countries is high it forces them to adapt with the new cultures despite all the differences and religion views. Therefore I believe in 2022 Qatar will have a name like Dubai. By that time, so many changes and compromises will happen.

  55. What the FIFA debacle earlier in the week has highlighted more than ever, is that we in the UK are truly alone in the world. We import the majority of our food and we are reliant on a state defined as run like a mafia organisation by the US in the leaked wikileaks for our winter gas supplies. While we follow every minor dictat imposed on us by unelected EU officials, other EU countries openly sneer and go on as they have always done, “mañana” and for this we pay a very high price for membership?
    The time has come for the UK to say enough is enough, we are going to self-govern with the interest of our own people at the forefront of everything we do. If this means letting our farmers decide for themselves what crops to grow and what livestock to breed in quantities worked out in liaison with the ministry of agriculture, so be it, sell any surplus on the world markets. If this means letting our fishermen catch fish to feed our people, without the disgraceful waste of returning dead fish to the sea to comply with EU quotas but in agreement with the UK ministry of fisheries, who will be empowered to preserve fish stocks as well as oversee that our territorial waters are protected, then so be it, sell any surplus on the world markets.
    It is patently obvious that the world no longer cares about Britain, our outmoded sense of fair play and our freedom of the press are not values cherished elsewhere. As our presence on the world stage diminishes year on year it appears that sending in a privileged prince in waiting, a highly preened footballer and an aspiring statesman all prove we are worth naught when up against a seasoned mafia boss.
    China, Russia and the USA are unquestionably the world’s greatest polluters, all with land masses infinitesimally greater than ours yet we are worried about the pollution from our last remaining coal fired power stations? Surely we are the laughing stock of the world. Without any delay we must build more coal fired and nuclear power stations, we must be self-sufficient in power, wind and wave energy are cute and cuddly but are and never will be capable of supplying any more than a very small percentage of the UK demand for power. When I was at school it was said that the UK was built on coal and we had hundreds of years of coal beneath us, lets reopen our mines, lets aspire to be self-sufficient in energy, let’s not ever be held to ransom by some mafia run state who I have no doubt would turn off our gas supplies without a second thought.
    It is nice to have ethics and high ideals but while we are alone with them, we may glow within our own smugness but if we are not very careful when it comes to the crunch, I will wager it will be us sitting hungry in the cold and dark while other nations with their own self-interest at heart will flourish.
    While the FIFA decision may appear to be just about football, don’t be fooled it was far more than just football, it was a wakeup call to anyone listening, if we cannot trust other nationals to support our cause in sport how on earth can we expect them to be honest with us when we are totally reliant on their food and energy imports, this was not just a rebuff to English sport, this was a total rebuff to the British way of life.

  56. I find it very ironic that England has been penalised by FIFA for having a robust and free press, whilst in Russia numerous journalists have been beaten up and killed for publishing stories critical of the government.

  57. I agree with you whole heartedly about the Pros & Cons of each nation. All I would argue with regard to Qatar automatically qualifying to the cup is that, hopefully, getting a taste of the Big Time will motivate them to become more competitive and possibly qualify on their own in the future. [although I think we both doubt that]

  58. Its a shame that England were unsuccessful in hosting the world cup given the following of English football locally as well as around the world. I wonder what it would take to get them to host the Cup. After all Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and other premier league sides are attractions and crowd pullers by themselves. Congratulations to Qatar and Russia though.

  59. is there any leaf of tea in England?
    is there any bush of coffee in Germany ?
    is there any iron ore mine in japan?
    but they are the major producers of these
    why do you think that Qatar or Russia are not soccer fans, yes there is corruption in Russia i lived there for 15 years, and as some people said that they will have the Olympics in 14, and they shure can afford the wc, i know nothig about qatar but they also can do this – this is one thing
    the second – people what are you talking about what do you know will happen in 8-11 years we all be dead cause 2012 is coming >:-)

  60. Truly amazing scenery. I suppose when you nation exists all that time you get to create things of this nature. I can not wait for America’s time. Don’t get too far ahead Qatar I just heard of you yesterday (loosely speaking) and Alexander will rise in America if need be. The Great is here the conquerer waits for a reason.

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